Our Mission

To help every company, irregardless of size, create an experience that is of the highest caliber.  To push the limits and help shape the way workplace is defined.  We will act as an affordance for the companies we work with.

Our Values

Humans First: We believe first and foremost that spaces should be built around humans and focused on their well-being.  We do this through practicing empathy in all our work.

Curiosity: Curiosity drives us to find better solutions and move beyond the status quo way of doing things.

Candor: We are open and honest to a fault.  We won’t shy away from pushing you to make the right decisions for your teams.

Tenacity: In order to fulfill our roles  and push the limits of modern workplace experience we must be tenacious and push against constructs.

Magnanimity:  We believe that everyone deserves to have a great Workplace Experience.  We’re not just in this to make money, we’re in this to change the way people think about their places of work.


About Omar

Omar's career began in a New York City mailroom, and he has since been a; facilities assistant, space planner, facilities manager, construction designer, project manager, and program manager.  He doesn't put much stock in titles though.  Omar believes in continually seeking out new knowledge, building bridges, and working together to bring about a better experience for everyone he encounters.  That continual drive has brought him to create Affordances.

Omar has proven to be a most adept Project Manager and excellent team leader. His depth of knowledge that extends through base building infrastructure due diligence, lease matters impacting on the tenancy, design principles, project costings, and ultimately the construction process, is thorough and analytical.

With a most engaging personality, Omar has the ability to extract the very best out of his collective team and bring everyone together to believe and work towards the set goals and aspirations required for success.
— Robert Parker, Principal at Facilitate Corporation